Monday, August 25, 2014

striped t-shirt dress

Dress - Target ($13)
Chambray - Madewell (thrifted for $2)
Flats - Lucky via TJMaxx ($15)
Tote - Joy Gryson  via TJMaxx ($100)
Necklace - TJMaxx ($25)

I know, I know, I'm wearing the chambray tied around my waist... Again. But, whatever. I like how it looks. When something works, it works, and if I like it, I will wear it until I get sick of it. I love how this trend from the 90's is back. It may only be for a short while but I will embrace it. And it's totally convenient as well. When I get cold (which is always) I have a something to keep me warm right there waiting for me. 

Anyways, I'm trying to grow my hair out and it is in the very awkward phase. I'm trying to do new things with it so I don't end up getting frustrated and cutting it. This has been one of my go-to looks the past few days. I love braids and this is one way I can incorporate them into my look with shorter hair. 

Do you guys have a favorite hairstyle for shorter hair? Or for the growing out phase? I need some ideas!

Happy Monday!

xo, Mercedes

Friday, August 22, 2014

what I wish I was wearing

What i wish i was wearing

Top - H&M ($25) | Jeans - Madewell ($128) | Heels - Zara ($90)
Hat - BCBG ($78) | Fringe Necklace - BaubleBar ($36)

Work sucks, and unfortunately I work in the restaurant business where weekends are the money makin' days. If I wasn't working tonight (and the weather was a little bit cooler), this is what I would want to wear. A few of these items are even on my birthday wist list. Hello black distressed skinnies, I need you!

To those of you that are not working, have fun and enjoy your weekend!

xo, Mercedes

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mixing & matching

Vest - JCPenney ($15 on clearance, similar here for $68)
Tank - MNG by Mango via JCPenney ($17 on sale)
Shorts - Target ($13 on sale, I want these next for only $8)
Heels - BCBGeneration via TJMaxx ($50) | Necklace - TJMaxx ($25)
Clutch - TJMaxx ($20) | Sunnies - TJMaxx ($5)

I think I mentioned on here last week that I was in the process of cleaning out my closet, and getting rid of things that don't fit, or that I just don't wear anymore (but for some reason I was holding on to them). Well I did it! And I am so proud. I honestly have a quarter of what I had before, and it feels so good. Everything I own can fit onto one clothing rack, with room to spare for future purchases. I thought I was going to look at my closet and have very limited options, but it's the exact opposite. I can clearly see what I really do love, and wear which makes it that much easier to get dressed. I feel as if all the pieces I had hanging up (that I didn't wear), made it confusing, and cluttered. Getting rid of them has helped me to figure out what I wear more of, which will help to make more concise and clear purchases in the future.

I titled this post mixing and matching, for the fact that this is what I am doing with my new clean closet. I took the vest from this post last week, the tank from this post, and the heels from this post, to create a whole new look. If I still had my cluttered closet I probably would have never put this look together. I would have stared at my closet for five minutes, trying to figure out what to pair these shorts with. But instead I saw my favorite pieces and knew exactly what I was going to wear! What goes through my head... I should wear this top, I haven't worn it in awhile, but it doesn't really fit that well (put it back, sits in closet for a few weeks until I think about wearing it again but don't and put it back again), I can wear this one, well no I wore it twice last week, this one would look cute but it doesn't fit me anymore AT ALL, UGH... I decided to go with the one I wore twice last week. I tossed the two shirts that didn't fit into the sell pile. I'm glad I did!

Okay, now I have to go get dressed! Happy Hump Day!

xo, Mercedes

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