I love shooting with my friend Jordan. She always wants to better herself and try new things. She inspires me to  do the same.  

When she first told me about the space I/we imagined a super romantic look (flowy dress, fancy hair), but I couldn't find anything I loved and felt would work in time. SO, I thought well let's just go as simple as it gets. A white tank and black jeans. Heels of course. Wavy, messy hair and minimal makeup. At first I thought it wasn't enough. That I had somehow ruined what would have been a super fabulous opportunity to go high fashion and create some amazing shots... then she sent me these. I LOVE how they turned out. I'm actually glad  this is what I ended up wearing. It's me, It's real. Which in turn I believe is even more fashionable than a couture frock. It's taking the everyday and making it look effortless. Fashion is everyday. It's life. It's here. It's now. It isn't just New York Fashion Week. Or the streets or Paris (but hello, that would be a dream). Fashion is everywhere. Fashion is you. 

I love to get dressed up, wear dresses, put red lipstick on, and a pair of fancy heels. But what I love even more is to feel comfortable. I'm a jeans and t-shirt (tank top in this FL heat) girl at heart. Except I don't recommend wearing jeans in the middle of summer in a building with no air conditioning. I could b-a-r-e-l-y move. 

Photos by Jordan Weiland

Tank - J. Crew (similar)
Jeans - Madewell (similar)
Heels - ALDO (similar)

xo, Mercedes


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

You know, a little sale never hurt anyone. Especially when the prices are this good. I've chosen a few of my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and everything is under $50 (except the shoes). Seeing all the amazing things they have on sale, is getting me super excited for fall. I'm so over this humid Florida weather. Anyone else? This is the perfect time to get stocked up for the cooler months that will be here before we know it! Don't wait! Prices go up August 3rd.

Dress | Booties | Purse | Necklace | Scarf | Hat 

xo, Mercedes

little [linen] dress

Why must one of the most comfortable breathable fabrics be the one that's basically a wrinkle machine?  And also why do I always seem to choose the worst fabrics for my lifestyle? I didn't realize this dress was linen when I bought it. I mean who looks at the tags anyways? ;) I know what you're thinking... How did I not know it was linen? Well, it definitely doesn't feel like it. And I'm not one of those fashionistas that can pick up an exotic fabric and name it within 5 seconds. Shortly after I put in on at home (more like 30 seconds after I put it on) It looked like it had been sitting in the laundry basket for weeks, even after a thorough ironing. Ugh. So I did what anybody else would do. I wore it anyways. I strutted my stuff, wrinkles and all. I mean it's SO cute and fits me perfectly. I'd never let a a few (a lot) wrinkles ruin my mood. Now here in the pictures it doesn't look terrible. That's because I made sure to NOT MOVE AT ALL while in the car. Being glamorous is hard work guys. But someone's gotta do it! 

Dress - Gap ($20)
Heels - Dolce Vita via Marshall's ($30)
Necklace - Cynthia Rowley via Belk (c/o)
Clutch - TJMaxx ($15)
Sunnies - Free People ($20)

xo, Mercedes